Programmer, Web Designer, Artist, Writer

Hi, I'm Kenneth Cather. I get stuff done.

I combine over 15 years of expertise in engineering, team leadership, and project management. Includes 9 years within a major corporate brand with a record of consistent upward mobility and increased levels of responsibility and leadership. Effective leader capable of guiding teams under a shared strategic vision, bridging the gap in communicating complex project requirements among technical and business teams. I'm also a skilled public speaker and have spoken at a TEDx on Net Neutrality.

  • Code
  • Art
  • Javascript



  • Visual C++ and C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Web Design
  • Interface Design
  • Project Management
  • Game Development
  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • Cookie Eating (will work for cookies)

Career History

At AT&T, I was a lead engineer responsible for managing all phases of technical projects supporting AT&T’s national network from initial requirements gathering through delivery. Works with engineers to identify additional opportunities and design and implement viable solutions to automate processes for increased productivity and efficiency.

At Dobson Communications, I initiated the E911 engineering department to implement vendor solutions for location-based services, with responsibility for designing testing plans and managing drive testers, analyzing incoming data for calibration, installing, maintaining, and administering the Unix server hosts, and assisting vendors with revising code.

While studying for my undergrad, I managed a 12-person engineering team in designing and implementing and optimizing configuration of server networks. Ensured timely delivery of technical solutions, working with clients and vendors to gather and fulfill on project requirements. Consistently came in at upwards of $1M+ under budget while exceeding client expectations.


  • Spoke at TEDxAT&T on Net Neutrality. I explained the topic using an easy to grasp analogy.
  • Implemented a C# program to locate mismatches in switch routing database tables, improving the dropped call rate by 40% nationally.
  • Created graphical user interfaces in Visual Studio to allow to increase easy of usability for all staff members at AT&T.
  • Designed and led project using Python scripts to create an internal dashboard pulling from XML databases for engineers to show current cell site status, cutting project time by 50%
  • Developed a Python program to replace a manual process of comparing tables against spreadsheets with automatically auditing routing documents to identify and correct typos.
  • Supervised engineers in collecting data using RF fingerprinting to triangulate cellular calls on a national scale.
  • Designed a SQL database that increased efficiency and accuracy by replacing individual spreadsheet emails.
  • Created C# GUI interfaces for databases in Microsoft’s .NET framework.
  • Developed a process that reduced national test-driving for cell site calibration to 20% of original time.
  • Worked with vendor to install and wire servers in compliance with cabling diagrams.
  • Troubleshot servers on site including removing and installing network cards and hard drives.
  • Delivered presentations detailing FCC compliance to executive leadership, and oversaw efforts to drive vendor solution compliance rates from 5% to 85%.
  • Education

    B.S. Computer Engineering

    University of Cincinatti, June 2001



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